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Python Powered Welcome to Python/2: Python for OS/2!

What do we do here?

This page is a gathering area for those who are using the Python programming language under IBM's OS/2 operating system. We provide ready-to-run binaries, answer questions and distribute add-on modules that any of you might wish to donate to the site, all specific to the OS/2 port of Python.

We seek to minimize differences from the main distribution version at and to avoid adding non-portable extensions where possible. Any add-on modules should at least strive to be generic and submitted to for possible incorporation.

Current Status of Python

As of June 27th, 1999, Python/2 is now available at version 1.5.2, with all the offical patches as of that date. I've also updated the HTML documentation to the latest available at that time.

On August 7th, 2000, I added the Python extension module 'zlib'. Just grab the file and place it in your python\lib\lib-dynload\ directory.

The prior version of 1.5.1 will be kept online for a while, for those less adventurous.

The full source is available on these pages and should be easily recompilable under IBM Visualage C/C++. I've not tried it under other compilers nor do I provide a makefile for such.


  1. The primary site for official Python news is at
  2. We did not create the language nor do we sell it or provide commercial services here. The Python language itself is available with full source for free download and without warranty. We simply like the language and hope you do too.

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