Created: 29-Mar-1999 Updated: 27-Jun-1999
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Python/2: Release Notes
  • This is the final release of the v1.5.2 Python interpreter. Future releases will be in the 1.6.x series.
  • Since Python came from the Unix world, it is generally easier to use if your filesystem supports long filenames. This release was only tested with long filenames but does include the components to support 8.3 names.
  • I used the IBM VisualAge C/C++ compiler, which is a commercial product. I do not use the freeware GNU C compiler, so I can't insure these sources are compilable by such.
  • Some OS/2-specific changes were made to the official release. You can find details here .
  • In building this version, I had to decide which Python extension modules to compile into the binaries.

    The following functionality is included :

    • TCP/IP and Unix (filename) sockets
    • OS/2-native threading
    • Anonymous pipes ala popen()
    • _locale module international support

    However, the following functionality is not included:

    • Any form of GUI (No Tcl/Tk, No PM-native either)
    • Numeric extensions for scientific work
    • Serial port/modem I/O
    • Any ODBC database API (except via PyREXX to a DB/2 DLL)
    • The Unix concept of process forking
    • Unix DBM API that the Shelf class needs
    • Freezing a Python program into a standalone .EXE
    • Named pipes (possible with PyREXX via REXX facilities)
Installation Notes
  1. To install any of the ZIP files, create and change into a directory, say "C:\Python", and unzip the archive. This will create a directory structure rooted at C:\Python similar to:
    • C:\Python\Add-Ons\
    • C:\Python\Demo\
    • C:\Python\html\
    • C:\Python\lib\lib-dynload\
    • C:\Python\lib\site-packages\
    • C:\Python\Misc\
    • C:\Python\PC\os2vacpp\
    • C:\Python\Tools\
    • C:\Python\Python.exe
    • C:\Python\Python15.dll
    All of the ZIP files overlay such a directory structure.
  2. Edit your config.sys to add C:\Python to your PATH and LIBPATH, and define the environment variables:
    • Set PYTHONHOME=C:\Python
    • Set PYTHONPATH=.;C:\Python\Lib;C:\Python\Lib\plat-win;C:\Python\Lib\dos-8x3
  3. Reboot and you should now be able to perform the following at a prompt:
    C> python
    Python 1.5.2 (#0, Jun 27 1999, 11:23:01) [VisualAge C/C++] on os2
    Copyright 1991-1995 Stichting Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam
    >>> print "Hello from Python"
    Hello from Python
    >>> Control-C
  4. For your convenience I've provided the manuals with the release, in HTML format. They are readily available in other formats from To read the ones I've included, just point your browser to the local file C:\Python\html\index.html or wherever you installed Python.

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