Created: 28-Mar-1999 Updated: 28-Mar-1999
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Linux RPMs??? For OS/2??

No, I haven't ported the RPM utility to OS/2. Because I use both Linux and OS/2 here, I'm simply using the RPM utility under Linux to massage the standard software distributions into a form suitable for OS/2, resulting in a .ZIP file ready to be unpacked and compiled under OS/2.

Linux has superior file manipulation tools and the RPM utility allows me to always start with pristine sources and then layer patches on top to make the software work under OS/2. Then when the original distribution changes, I just grab a new copy, verify my patches still work and re-release for OS/2.

It keeps me from forking the version trees and then having to maintain an OS/2-specific version myself.

I make source RPMs available here in case anyone wishes to rebuild what I've done and make different include/exclude choices in their packages.

If you're only interested in using Python and not rebuilding from scratch, ignore the RPMs.

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