Created: 29-Mar-1999 Updated: 28-Jun-1999
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Fnorb/2: Release Notes
  • This is a 1.01 maintenance release of the CORBA ORB named Fnorb.
  • I used the IBM VisualAge C/C++ compiler, which is a commercial product. I do not use the freeware GNU C compiler, so I can't insure these sources are compilable by such.
  • In order to get the Fnorb commands to work with OS/2, I had to change their first line to use 'extproc', alter their passing of sys.argv[] to skip the first extraneous argument, and relocate them from the Add-Ons\Fnorb\script directory to the Python root directory (C:\Python). In doing so, I made them rely on the %PYTHONHOME% environment variable to locate themselves. If you wish to move them elsewhere, you will need to edit into them the correct path specification.
  • In building this version, I added no OS/2 specific items, except to make it use the IBM C/C++ preprocessor when compiling IDL source, instead of GNU or MS Visual C. Fnorb does not come with a preprocessor, you see. No preprocessor is necessary if you just want to run Fnorb programs; only if you wish to compile IDL sources. With Fnorb you can compile IDL sources on one platform, say Linux, and then run the resulting Python program under OS/2, if you don't have access to an OS/2 preprocessor.

    The following functionality is included :

    • OS/2-native thread pooling (not enabled by default)
    • CORBA Naming Service
    • CORBA Interface Repository Service
    • Support for CORBA long long 64-bit integers

    No other CORBA functionality is provided, however Fnorb is perfectly capable of talking to other CORBA services as a client. No POA support is yet in Fnorb.

Installation Notes
  1. To install any of the ZIP files, create and change into a directory, say "C:\Python", and unzip the archive. This will create a directory structure rooted at C:\Python similar to:
    • C:\Python\Add-Ons\Fnorb\
    • C:\Python\lib\lib-dynload\
    • C:\Python\lib\site-packages\
    • C:\Python\fn*.cmd
    All of the ZIP files overlay such a directory structure.
  2. The Fnorb documentation is in the Add-Ons-Fnorb\doc directory, in PDF and MS Word .DOC. Look in the directory C:\Python\Add-Ons\Fnorb for details or point your browser to C:\Python\html\index.html and click on the Add-Ons link.

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