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  I released 0.9.4e on 27/06/1999. This is a maintenance release and fixes a few bugs and adds detection of newer Intel and AMD processors. It also adds a few minor updates to the PCI configuration tables.

  The latest release of Sysbench is now available for download from the main page of this site here.. I made a major change to the FLOPS code in 0.9.4e to restore it to the way it used to work in versions prior to 0.9.2. I've done this once before but my bugs managed to creep back into my source tree when I wasn't looking! There were several bug fixes in 0.9.4c, b and a but these should not affect the results produced. There were numerous changes in version 0.9.4 however - the version number has changed from 0.9.3 to 0.9.4 since it is not possible to directly compare the results from this version with previous ones. Some of these are listed below.

  • I have converted my code from C to C++ in an effort to make IBM's debugger more stable. This has, for example, added approximately 50% to the Dhrystone scores on my machines.
  • I've also added a lot of code to determine the hardware that the benchmark is running on and to automatically fill in the machine data dialog. This should identify processors, disks, CD drives and PCI devices including storage adapters and video cards.
  • The core of the disk I/O tests has been rewritten to allow more than one physical track to be read at a time and this should allow today's high performance disks to show to their best advantage. In order to run the Disk I/O tests accurately you should ensure that you are running 0.9.4c or higher as I finally managed to stomp a bug that managed to elude me through the previous releases. If you are affected by this bug the tests do not complete correctly and no result is listed.
  • The disk transfer rate test now itemises the three results that it uses to calculate the average.
  • Added a check that should warn you if your machine is using an adapter that limits it to using RAM >16MB as a fast swap area
  • Various bug fixes.
  If you have suggestions about the content of the benchmark then email me at trevor-hemsley at dsl dot pipex dot com. Thanks to all for their comments, suggestions, and the benchmark results!

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