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the latest version of Sysbench 0.9.5 here
or from instead

the latest PCI devices file from

the source code for Sysbench 0.9.1d (113kb) here

CPU and hardware identification code (80Kb) to assist me in development of Sysbench hardware determination. Updated!11/03/2004.

Read about...
The OS/2 Benchmark Centre News (Updated 27/06/99).
The OS/2 Benchmark Centre FAQ (Updated 22/05/98).
The Sysbench bug list is here Updated!27/06/99.
Results tables...
Sysbench 0.9.2 Results
Sysbench 0.9.3 Results
Sysbench 0.9.4 Results Updated!19/02/2000
Submit your Sysbench results here

Other applications from the same programmer are here Updated!06/04/2000

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